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This past New Years break into tonight has been brain-storming time!  TidBits is over, so I need to think of what new on-going series will replace it.  This time I'm thinking a comic will suffice.  I'm still going to make animations, but they will be one-shots like requests, shorts, music videos, etc.  And to keep track of all these ideas, I wrote them below in a list.   Patrons, friends, and fans, you can tell me which ones you are most excited to see made, and any detail in these can be changed if I think it will improve the idea!  :)  Let's enter 2016 with a wealth of inspiration.


- Dada/surrealist comic.  Guy who works in a library gets the late teenage child of a high-ranking elf king from a faraway land as a roommate. He winds up using his magic to pull out items from the library archives and brings them to life, to better his roommates' life, while also making it ridiculously silly and exciting.

- Development of the world of Orbis Park introduced in my 2011 animated short as well return to this odd recreational world and meet new characters.  Two brothers compete over ownership of Orbis Park, one who already runs it, and his younger brother who has to prove himself by starting in the mascot costume and climb the ranks.   Lauren the pedicab driver makes a small appearance.

- Norm & Cory. Cory comes across death for the first time while witnessing another animal become animal chow, and is shocked to learn that animals don't care if any of their own dies.  The comic follows Cory as he deals with it.

- Jerome the woodpecker spin-off.  Jerome and posse must settle the conflict between two bird species as they fight for territory on the top of city buildings.

- In a cartoon world that lampshades and deconstructs Western animated concepts in the 1940's, a girl has a great idea to invent a new midair, floating highway system where people can drive in the sky, in an attempt to make travel more relaxing and convenient, and better society. Problems occur when she has to face charges from a car accident caused by her invention. 1920's rubber hose cartoon characters also appear.

- An office comedy. A talk-show host talks with various paranormal figures.

- A second chance at Jack Magic, about the rabbit of a magician trying to get work in a society that doesn't appreciate them.

Original drawings

- "Vegetarian bears"

- Seasonal Norm & Cory scenes


- The Force Awakens/Looney Tunes mash-up

- Wander Over Yonder

- Gravity Falls

- Oso brothers

- Samurai Jack

- Zootopia

- Wreck-It Ralph, video game crossovers

- return of Rayman art

- more Mario pics like the one from last month


- Audio-only readings of any of the stories above, with different actors in addition to myself.

- Fan-made music video "Wreck It Wreck-It Ralph"

- Another Game Grumps Animated
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if not then thats fine, thank you for at least reading into this comment C:> 
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